Historique Grand Prix 2018 at Monaco

Historique Grand Prix 2018 at Monaco

To relive historic Grand Prix cars on the racetrack is something special. At the times those race cars were in Grand Prix use, there were no barriers around the pit lane. For interested visitors, racing was a much more direct experienced than the current Grand Prix. My accreditation as a photographer made this time come alive again. The media shirt provided access to all open locations directly behind the guardrail.

The picture shows the proximity to the racing cars, which drive with an average speed of approx. 120 km/h through the narrow street racing track.



The Principality of Monaco is a great host. Here in the grid every driver gets a model set aside during the last minutes before the start. 

All beautiful girls in the national colors red and white. In this picture it is the Maserati 300S.


Not so photogenic but at least as present were all official employees of the organization and security. The density of the doctors present was impressive, as was the number of firefighters.


The historic Grand Prix has really offered everything that you could want as a car enthusiast.

180 top-class vehicles in top condition and in the sun and rain in real racing. Here is the Lotus 76, formerly driven by Ronni Peterson.


Further information about the vehicles and the race results can be found here:



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